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HOT: A Lady’s Virginity Saved Her From Ritualists (Full Details)




A young lady called Abigail was all over social media after she was reported missing by her friends and family.

According to multiple reports, Abigail had gone out jogging at the early hours of 1am and she didn’t return after several hours.

Her picture was circulated on various social media platforms with a number attached to it in order for easy identification if she is found.


Well, a sibling of the lady later today reported that Abigail had been found and she was safe and sound.

Narrating her ordeal to her siblings, Abigail recounted how she was kidnapped by some men who wanted to use her for money rituals.

Fortunately for Abigail, the kidnappers rejected her when they realized she was a virgin and they needed a pregnant woman to do their rituals.

Well, whenever you want to go out to exercise or do anything, make sure you are not alone and if possible make sure you are familiar with the neighborhood.

See a screenshot of the chat below;



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