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HOT VIDEO : Fearless Ghanaian Lady Lands Dirty Slap on Police Officer After He Hit her With His Car – WATCH





Social media users are currently discussing a viral video capturing the moment a Ghanaian lady landed hot slaps on the face of a police officer.


The angry looking lady was not scared that the man was an officer of the law but dealt with him mercilessly for crushing into her car.

The first slap on the face of the officer made him lose his balance and toppled straight to the floor then another slap followed before he could get up on his feet.





Other officers around the accident scene tried to defend their colleague as to why he mistakenly hit the lady’s car.

It was later revealed in the video that the police officer was drunk and was driving at top speed, a female voice behind the camera filing the incident disclosed.

She asked why the officer was drunk at that ungodly hour while on duty but the man was too confused by the slaps to answer.






Watch the video below.


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Send us your articles for publication via [email protected]


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