Hot Video: Freelove of Date Rush Finally Opens up, Angry At Ghanaians For Trolling Her; Says She Really Likes Ignatius


Ignatius, a gentleman who appeared on TV3 Ghana’s Date Rush Season 3 episode 9 pulled a big surprise by snubbing all 7 ladies who showed interest in him.

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Well, one of the ladies on the show, Freelove who was soo interested in going on a date with Ignatius got angry that Ignatius turned all the rushes off, and had to descend heavily on him.

Freelove is back explaining herself. She was heard asking why people will bash her for liking someone. According to her, she has finally gotten someone she feels she likes and so she sees no reason why if she says she’s ready for him, Ghanaians will troll her.





Freelove also made it clear that she really likes Ignatius and would be very grateful if he likes her back. She was kind of begging for his love. If anyone is close to Ignatius right now, please tell him that Freelove is really really ready for him; hence he should love her back.

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Here is the Video;



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