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HOT VIDEO : Ghanaian female soldier takes to social media to launch search for husband




Social media platforms have helped people with a lot of things. It has helped people grow their businesses by creating awareness and generating sales, it has helped people acquire more knowledge and it has helped many find love.

Also, there have been stories of ladies and men who advertise themselves for love on social media platforms.


There have been several stories of people who found their soulmates through one social media platform or another.

It came as no surprise when one Ghanaian female soldier named Mavis decided to find her own love on social media.

This lady took to social media to launch a search for a husband. The woman had taken to Facebook to search for a husband by sharing video of herself in military uniform.



The 41-year-old military lady, who is tired of being single said, she looking for a man between the ages of 41 to 45 years.

According Mavis who is currently in Mali, she has two children, a boy and a girl.

Watch the video below for more :


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