I thought I was going to die – Bolga Hospital Doctor Tells her COVID-19 story


Dr Gillian Bougee, a Paediatrician and Head of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Bolgatanga hospital has narrated how she closely slipped off the cold hands of death when she fell severely ill with the coronavirus. 

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According to Dr Gillian, she came into contact with an infected person unknowingly while on duty and only felt and exhibited symptoms of the disease.

She narrated that she was airlifted from Bolgatanga to Tamale where another flight was in waiting to airlift her to Accra after she had suffered some cough and difficulty in breathing.




Dr. Gillian who spent about eight days in the Intensive Care Unit at the Korlebu hospital told Joynews “I started writing down messages for my family, I started videoing myself because at a point in time I gave up. I knew I had the COVID-19 but nobody believed I had the COVID-19 and anything could happen at any time so I started writing messages of what I was going through in my diary. I actually thought I was going to die”.

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The female medical practitioner who was part of some medical staff of the Bolgatanga hospital who contracted the virus disclosed that some parents of children she saw and offered medical services to in the past at the new born care unit tried reaching out to her to encourage her to recover from the disease.

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She disclosed that 33 medical personnel attended to her while she was on admission at the ICU of the Korlebu hospital.





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