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I Will Gladly Kill My Husband For Money Rituals – Hook – Up Queen

A popular Ghanaian slay and hook-up queen branded as Skylove has revealed that she wouldn’t hesitate to kill her husband for money rituals.

Skylove made this shocking assertion during an interview with First TV. According to her money comes first than anything else and will do everything possible to get money to the extent of using her husband for money rituals.







“Oh yes I really love money, but the truth is I can’t use any of my family members for money rituals. But I can use my husband for money rituals. I need money so I will gladly do that. I will use the money to take care of the kids”.

“I can’t live a poor life after giving birth to my children. So if my husband doesn’t provide for my needs and that of my children, I will use him for money rituals. So I can use the money to take care of myself and my kids. Its either I make him impotent or killing him entirely”, she said.

Asked how she will enjoy her sex life after making her husband impotent, Skylove stated emphatically that she will have a boyfriend aside her husband who will satisfy her in bed.




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