I won’t play fetish roles any more – Vivian Jill


Ghanaian actress Vivian Jill has revealed that she will not accept any movie role that requires her to act as a mermaid or river goddess, known in local parlance as ‘Maame Water’.

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She told Nana Romeo Welewele on Accra100.5 FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo show that she would not accept any more of such roles because they were evil.







She added that even though the movie industry was not booming as it used to, some movie directors and actors were still on set and still in business.

She stated vehemently that she would reject any ‘Maame Water’ script from any movie director.

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Recounting her experience on the aftermath of acting one such role, the beautiful actress said, “I won’t play such roles again. A certain child watched one of such movies and one day upon seeing me, began screaming violently and fell to the ground.”

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She also revealed that the most difficult acting role she has played in her career was the role of a fetish priestess. According to her, even though she was clueless about the role, she watched videos that helped her match up to the task on the set.

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She added, however, that the fetish priestess role in ‘Wahala’ took a toll on her so much that she felt weak for three days because of the rigorous action involved.

“It was difficult because even with my heavy weight, I had to be running around and jumping. Almost all the scenes were like that. When I got home, it took me like three whole days to regain my strength. I couldn’t even squat and my mother even asked me to quit”, she said.

The actress, also an entrepreneur, has starred in a good number of movies in Ghana. Notable among them are Wahala and True Colour.



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