True Life Story: Lady belittles classmate, regrets later in life






A man has a shared a true life story which could be described as a typical movie script.

A man took to his micro-blogging website to narrate a true-life story of a lady who belittled her male classmate in the University but regretted her action later.

The man revealed how the lady’s classmate was in love with her way back in school but the lady rejected his proposal because she claimed her classmate was not in her league.

Upon all the rejections and embarrassing meted on him by the lady, the man still proposed to her again after so many years of completing school.

Read what happened next in the full narration below:





“Some years back. In 3rd year at UNIPORT dept of Accting. A lanky young lad asked a girl out during an excursion trip. She declined him because of her friends. And mocked him openly just to please her crew. Unmoved this guy in their 4th year asked her out again.

This time around it was during a party. She said, ” See Tony am NOT in your league. You are a good guy. Too good and cool for my liking. Am a wide girl with LIFE ahead of me. You are a book worm. Although you are a fun person. Moreover, am NOT your type. Am a big girl. I run with big boys”.


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Tony, dejected walked away as the girl (lets call her Juliet) derided him with her friends. After graduation everyone went for NYSC. In 1995 after youth service, Juliet, being from a rich home, got an appointment somewhere in her dad’s company in VI Lagos Island.

She was indeed a a big girl. However, Juliet wasn’t getting younger. Pressure from family, age & society made her long for a better relationship. All this time her dates with the powerful & rich kids in her class wasn’t really giving her what she truly longed for.


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