Handsome policeman dies few days to his wedding









A policeman has met his untimely death a few weeks before he could finally settle with the love of his life.

According to a social media user on Facebook with the username, Nnenna Onyedikachi who brought the issue to light and also a close friend of the deceased policeman revealed that the policeman who was set to get married on 15th December 2019 died in a car accident.

She took to social media to grieve.










”To think that you were in my office few days to ur demise, I told you to hold on for some secs let me tidy up my table but then you left in a hurry..and you told me you will come back, you said you were preparing for [your] wedding coming up on the 15th of December, 2019 only for me to hear that you’re dead…I still couldn’t believe it until today when ur signal of “Death while in service came to my table ,I became shattered…R.I.P my good friend,” Nnenna Onyedikachi wrote on Facebook.

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See screenshot below:


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