Nigerian University Student Arrested For Angrily Running Over His Girlfriend With His Car Which Killed Her















The case of Larian Oshomah Edemode, former student of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State beats the imagination of people of the University and friends of the deceased.


From once a happy and loving biyfriend to annoying and finally becoming “killer” is what we cannot wrap our heads around.


















According to instablog naija, a source close to the deceased revealed that Larian and his girlfriend Patience Adibe, went picking up groceries at a shop where the car they drove in incurred a scratch on the way home.


Larian asked Patience to remain home whilst he goes to repair the car but Patience refused and insisted to go with him. They went back and forth with the argument on who to stay and who to go. Larian got angry, entered his car and angrily hit and ran over his girlfriend.

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Patience was pronounced hours later at the hospital. Larian, who wanted to run away was intercepted by the hospital security and later picked up by the police.



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