E/R : Atiwa East Galamsey Gets out of hand At Anyinam, Police, DCE and MP Just staring


Galamsey has Taken a new shape even as authorities at Atiwa east have Failed to address It’s Menace

As everyone is struggling to make ends meet, a couple of youth in Anyinam, the district capital of Atiwa East in the eastern region have taken a new swipe into digging the ground to make money that which is popularly known in Ghana as Galamsey.

Here the youth backed by top hierarchies most of which are in government, are mining without putting in place the necessary precautions enumerated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the minerals commission.

This unscrupulous activity which ought to be halted by the police, operation vanguard, DCE, Galamstop, and other entities concerned with regulating the mining operations are now either relaxing or in bed with the miners.

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It is also good to know that the said concession was taken with force from the legal owner, one Rasta without any negotiations.

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Any attempt put up by the legal owner to safeguard his concession has proven futile since the entities mentioned above are not ready to take lead in stopping the illegal mining currently ongoing at Anyinam despite court order.



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