Video: Kumchacha Not Ready To Go Hungry – Set To Hold Church Service With This ‘Hilarious’ Strategy


Some Ghanaian pastors have actually shown that they are in for business and not the salvation of their church members in this coronavirus crisis.



After the president placed a ban on social gatherings where schools were closed and all church services, weddings and funerals are put on hold for the mean time, some pastors are still trying all ways and means to milk their members.

Action Chapel allegedly provided a mobile money alternative for it’s church members to pay their tithes and offerings without going to church.

Now prophet Kumchacha who is also not ready to go hungry because of the ban has come out with a strategy he’s going to use for his church service this Sunday.



According to him, since the president says every gathering must not be more than 25 people, he’s going to do his service in groups with only 25 people in every group.



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