Cultivate More Crops to save Ghanaians from starving – Nana Oboade to Farmers.


President for Concern Farmers Association of Ghana, Nana Oboade Opambour Boateng Bonsu II has assured Ghanaians that, if our farmers put much efforts in farming there will be no hunger years ahead.

Corona virus has brought a lot of problems in the world marketing to the extend that, some countries like Italy has ordered their shop Owners to closedown all shops and markets.

According to Nana Opambour, Concern Framers Association are to do thier best to educate Ghanaians especially Farmers on how to cultivate more crops in order to produce plenty foodstuffs to prevent hunger and even to the extent of Exporting some to help our countries even if the deadly disease Coronavirus (covid-19) will still exist in the world .

Nana Opambour Oboade also called the president and ministry of Agriculture to put in some measures which will help the farmers to produce more food into the country. He added that their utmost dismay is that the ministry of Agriculture has not take any steps yet about it and that really shows that government does not care much about his Citizens.

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