Ghana-Togo Border Security Heightened To Stop Foreigners From Entering


The president of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo, ordered the closure of Ghana’s borders at his third State Of The Nation Address on the coronavirus outbreak in Ghana.


According to border control security officer who spoke at the Ministry of Infornation’s press briefing on Ghana’s situation on the virus, he revealed that there has been several attempts and several arrests made from the Ghana-Togo border where foreigners move into the country illegally.


He disclosed that an American and other people from other African states have been arrested and detained for flouting the rules governing the country. The people arrested are currently placed in mandatory quarantine and will be fully prosecuted after being tested. He sounded a warning to people living along the borders who aid these law breakers to desist from doing so.



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We are watching the Lome border closely, we are not in normal times, do not attempt to enter the country illegally

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Borders are completely shut, do not attempt to enter. If you enter, you shall be arrested, detained and put into mandatory quarantine



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