Stop fake perception that Covid-19 has no Cure- Doctor claims


The CEO of Guan bay herbal and spiritual clinic in the Ashanti region, Dr. Nana Guan Bay has angrily descended heavily on people within the world for saying pandemic coronavirus has no cure. According to him it annoys him whenever he hears people claim that the sickness has no cure, and that it was intentionally introduced by God to punish His own people. He said that’s never the case.

He has therefore urged Ghanaians to desist from saying that the virus has no cure.

According to him he has a cure for the sickness which is never a mere brag, name sake or money driven. He therefore calls on the leaders to as a matter of urgency try him with his cure for free and see if it doesn’t work.
“They can choose to invite me or bring any of such patients here and see if my cure doesn’t work, they should hoot me”, he said with confidence.

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He finally advised that it’s high time we stopped underrating Africans and keep hailing the whites.

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