Jamestown residents angry over demolishing exercise [Video]

Jamestown residents
Jamestown residents

Residents of Jamestown in the Greater Accra Region have expressed displeasure in the ongoing demolishing exercise organised by the government.

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The residents tagged as unnecessary the demolishing exercise to pave way for the construction of harbour.




A resident revealed they have not given permit since their loss was yet to be compensated.

Some residents, speaking to Adom News, explained three sites had already been demolished to make way for a community park, fishermen harbor and Salaga market.

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“This is the sixth time this place has been graded from Rawlings’ era. They start, leave us stranded for years and when we bounce back, they come up with another demolishing exercise.

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“The structures should be demolished one after the other. How can you demolish four structures simultaneously without having immediate plans of construction?

“Which is more important between a school and harbor?” he asked, explaining the government has misplaced priorities of which it has to suffer for.

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