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Kaneshie market is the most dangerous place, you can get all human body parts – Ex-Wizard reveals




Ordinary individuals like myself should remember that there are more spiritual powers than there are humans walking on the earth’s surface. As a result, it is prudent to be consistent in our prayers and draw closer to our God in order to be protected from all spiritual forces. “Efia biara mensa won,” says an old saying, implying that there is mensa in every household. This wise statement was supposed to convey the idea that no family is complete without a witch or wizard.

These ruthless critters can be found in almost every home. Witchcraft is divided into two categories: black and white. Some people feel that white witchcraft is employed for good, however this is far from the case.



Witchcraft is divided into two categories: black and white. Some people believe white witchcraft is employed for good, but according to a former wizard, the reverse is true.

No witch or wizard, according the former wizard, can use their abilities for good. According to him, if one family member has the power, they will use it to destroy the kids of other relatives who do not have any protection or are not witches or wizards. The ex-witch or wizard explained once again that public eating, such as on the roadside, in commercial buses, or in restaurants, is extremely dangerous since a witch or wizard may simply transfer any kind of illness into the food, causing the individual to get physically ill.

“We spiritually cook the majority of the items we sell on the roadside. As a Christian, always pray over meals you buy on the side of the road before eating them to stay away from these types of foods. Some people are suffering as a result of a purchase made on the side of the road. Witches and wizards always have a plan to kill a certain number of people every day by any means necessary. They can’t kill you unless you eat or drink, therefore the greatest thing you can do is pray over the meals and fluids you buy outside.”



“Because of what you will witness, not all roadside salespeople are human persons; if you are spiritually inclined, you will not generally buy while stuck in traffic. During my days in the convent, we had an unique ceremony for chop bar owners who wished to increase their sales. We provided them with a special oil that they use to cook some of their meat and eggs. When you acquire something from these individuals and don’t pray about it, you become entangled with them, your finances, and everything else falls apart.”

“Kaneshie Market is Ghana’s main marketplace for human body parts. We have contracts with a lot of the butchers, and I’m not afraid to expose them.”



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