Kennedy Agyapong sends strong warning to Obofour, Nana Agradaa


Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has sent a strong warning to Rev Obofour and famous fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa.

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According to the controversial MP, Rev. Obofour and Agradaa are riding on his back to feud but the legislator wants the duo to take his name out of their dealings.


He advised them to resolve whatever differences they may have and not drag his name into any such feuds, warning that he may come after them and not regret his actions if they persisted in using his name.

“I am warning Agradaa and Obofour; nobody should use my name anywhere. If you have your fight, go ahead and fight”, he told Madina-based television station, Net 2 TV.

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“If you have your evidence, take it to court or the police and deal with it. I am not a small boy; I only want the truth and wouldn’t want anyone to ride on my back [for their feud],” he cautioned.

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Mr Agyapong’s comments come after Nana Agradaa warned people defending Rev Obofour on social media regarding revelations about him to immediately put a stop to it.

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Agradaa had explained that her actions were especially because Rev Obofour has always proclaimed on his altar that he is an oracle that works at night, doing spiritual works for people.

But, Mr Agyapong believes Nana Agradaa is only making those claims based on his expose’ of fake pastors.



“If you dare drag my name into your fights, trust me, I will not forgive you. Don’t bring my name in because I am not prepared at all. Just let me be,” he warned.

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