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Kevin Taylor Drops Another Bombshell On LGBTQI And Sends A Message To Sam George




In the spirit of the private bill on promoting “Proper Sexual Human Rights” in the Ghanaian society sponsored by Honourable Sam Nartey George, there has been a clash of ideas from opposing camps on the LGBTQI phenomenon. The bill, as we speak now, has received massive support from Ghanaians as well as some prominent Ghanaian politicians and intellectuals.

Despite the strong support for the bill to be passed, another camp of intelligent professors spearheaded by renowned Lawyer Akoto Ampaw has come out to stiffly oppose the bill. According to Lawyer Akoto Ampaw, he disagrees with the extremism of the bill and its religious tag and attempts to discriminate against people who are indulged in the LGBTQI practices. Ghanaians are anticipating an end to the growing controversies to be settled as Parliament prepares to hold a detailed discussion on its consideration.



Outspoken Journalist and founder of the Loud Silence Media, Kevin Ekow Taylor has once again made a massive revelation on the bill private anti LGBTQI bill to cement his investigative prowess. Indeed, Kelvin Taylor has gained recognition with regards to his investigative masterpiece, most of which are on exposing mishaps in the government.



Kevin Taylor speaking on last night’s episode of his televised With All Due Respect Show descended on some section of Ghanaians who have mounted pressure on the MPs to pass the bill. He indicated that it is impossible for the bill to be unanimously endorsed by all Members of Parliament. According to the firebrand broadcaster, it is fair enough for the bill to be thoroughly discussed and reviewed by the lawmakers before the President asserts to it.

Speaking further, Kelvin Ekow Taylor made allegations that most majority lawmakers are pro LGBTQI advocates while cautioning the minority to be expectant of disappointment and betrayals over the bill. He alleged that in an attempt to quash the bill, the majority would vote for the bill to be referred to the office of the Attorney General. He called on the supporting MPs to be vigilant and resolute in their stance, and resist unhealthy attempts from others.
“It can’t be that everyone will support the bill. That is never possible. NPP will stop this bill with technicalities. How many of those MPs who claim to be the majority have signed the bill. None of them have stated emphatically.”



He added, “Why do you think they will pass this bill. I have told Sam George not to be too passionate. You’re approaching it with emotions and the people will capitalize on that to defeat you. If the whole Parliament is supporting there wouldn’t be any need for the debate. They will refer it to the Attorney General’s office and that would be the end.”





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