Lockdown: Soldiers beat me up after going out to buy ingredients for ‘kontomire’ stew – Man alleges (Video)


A young man from Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana has shared his sad ordeal of how he was allegedly beaten by the Ghanaian military for going out to buy some ingredients for his stew amid the lockdown.

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According to the unnamed young man, he had gone out to purchase some ingredients when he saw some military men approach him.

They asked him what he was doing outside but before he could answer he claimed they started beating him.

“I was in the market buying some items for some stew when I saw some military men approach me… they asked me what I’m doing outside without me saying a word they started beating me up,” he narrated.

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Showing some can marks on his back, he added that he tried as much as possible to tell them he had come out to buy items and even went ahead to show them to the soldiers but they failed to listen to him.

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“I even showed them the items I have bought and my motorbike but they won’t just listen,” he claimed in the video.

Some parts of the country are currently under a two weeks lockdown in the bid to stop the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In the President’s Address to the Nation prior to the lockdown, he said that it was a partial lockdown and people are allowed to go out and buy food.




Watch the video below:






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