Majority Leader blames media for the defeat of some “credible” MPs in Parliament


Majority Leader in Parliament and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu has criticized the media for the loss of “credible” lawmakers in the parliament of Ghana.

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“Many of you media personalities don’t help the system. All you know is to take bribes and turn to speak for people you know are not competent enough to be in parliament as compared to people they compete with….You take bribes. Meanwhile you know you are not supposed to do that. You are not helping the country”.  He chided the media strongly.




He noted that not only the media, but also politicians themselves have immensely contributed to this unfortunate decline adding that many people embedded with wisdom and knowledge willing to work in parliament decline due to the manner at which politicians organize internal politics.

“We are losing very credible people who should come to parliament”, he said in an interview with Otec Fm in Kumasi monitored by’s Syxtus Eshun.

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He explained that MPs who do not have the knowledge and enthusiasm to work in parliament become inactive in the work at the House but very vibrant on media platforms for fame.

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“All you get to know is the person sitting on the radio insulting people. They become very vibrant when they are outside parliament but when it comes to internal work, they become useless”, he noted.

“The standard of parliament in today’s politics in Ghana has totally declined”, Mr. Kyei Mensah Bonsu revealed.

He further advised that media personalities have great privilege to do serious education and therefore, they must make good use of it.






“Educate the public; teach them the genuine responsibility of parliament for them to make good decisions during voting”, he urged.

According to him, many people who rush for power to register their names in parliament these days turn out to be disappointed and withdraw later after finding out that the job is not lucrative enough for them while they block the opportunities of those with true enthusiasm to do the job willingly.

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