Man who recovered from Coronavirus in Ghana shares his experience [Video]


A 51-year-old man, Mr Fred Drah, who recovered from the novel Coronavirus in Ghana has shared his experience to inspire families and patients undergoing treatment for the ailment.

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In an interview on TV3, Mr Drah revealed he contracted the illness from his friend who came to Ghana not long ago from one of the infected countries abroad.



I work at the ports on my own. I had a friend who came to visit me. He imported mattresses and we had a chat and ate together. He was coughing by then but my mind was not there.

On 17th March, 2020 my temperature was above normal. I rushed to the hospital and the doctor said I have tested positive.

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Mr Drah said he was transferred to the Ga East Hospital where he got treated till he recovered.

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The doctors were scared of me; I was locked from the outside and I was alone in that big compound. For the first four days. I was there alone.

He talked about one patient who was equally positive but passed away due to health complications.

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It was between myself and God. One gentleman came in and he was very weak. He also tested positive for diabetes among others. We prayed a lot. I was called that I had to be sent to a different apartment. The following day I tried calling my friend many times but he had passed on.




In an interview with his wife and kids, they urged the public to refrain from stigmatising recovering patients.

We are not welcomed like before. When people see us, they try to avoid us because we had recorded a case in our home, Mr Drah’s wife said.

We give thanks to the almighty God. He said he was treated well. The public should know how to relate to people with the virus, one of his kids added.

He climaxed the interview by thanking healthcare workers who had time for him in his ward in the Isolation Centre.


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I want to thank Dr Kommey very much, Dr Agyemang Seth and Dr Ofori; I say I love you all God bless you. Sister Evelyn and Phyllis Azuma; It was very difficult but your advice gave me strength, he concluded.

Watch the video below:



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