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Meet Princess Berna, The Fun Loving – Heavily Endowed ‘Man Eater’ Putting Netizens On Tenterhooks




Meet Princess Berna, The Fun Loving – Heavily Endowed ‘Man Eater’ Putting Netizens On Tenterhooks.

The first impression you get the first time that you land on Berna Princess’s Instagram account is that she is a truly endowed chic.

What do I mean by saying the self proclaimed Black Rose is truly endowed? A simple scroll down her handle will open your eyes to a girl who is not only blessed with a massive booty but one who is profoundly proud of showing off what her mama gave her.




Describing her self as a woman who loves God & an enthusiast of body Image, Berna has always littered her Instagram account with pictures that show off her big boobs and and large soft booty.


Infact using one of the pictures that she shared on the gram, Berna reveals how the Almighty God carefully and artistically molded her into a beautiful being

”God sure is an artist, I mean look at how He moulded me into such beautiful gold, damn” Berna captioned one of amazing pictures.

In another breathing taking pictorial posted on her handle Berna reveals how she is extremely proud of her mega size and dripping figure in an exquisite sweet testimonial about her life.



”Wheeww! 8th March, a very special day in almost each and every woman’s life and as such a special one in mine too. As an evolving woman I have lived through dark days when it comes to my body. I have cursed my size on some days, I have wished I was a little smaller, or maybe a little lighter, I have wished to be other women but you see all that shattered who I really was until I realized who I am and the game changed! Now no body can tell me otherwise about who I am because I accepted that I don’t have to be some other woman to be beautiful and look at me, I’m a whole Queen! And today, I send love and light to all the girls and women hiding their beautiful selves behind their size. Those stretch marks you think are ugly, well sis they are beautiful! The next time you want to second guess yourself, don’t do it! … Happy women’s day” Berna shared





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