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Meet the incorruptible police investigator who has refused huge multiple bribes





Lance Corporal Confidence Fiagadzi of the Kaneshie District Police Station who has been nominated for Integrity Personality of the Year is raising the bar for the Ghana Police Service through his work as an incorruptible investigator who has defied the rich and powerful to do his work to the letter.

According to sources Lance Corporal Confidence Fiagadzi has handled very weighty cases during which attempts were made to bribe him but he stood his ground and carried on with the investigation.



One of such cases involved five police officers who were charged with the alleged extortion. The officers made attempts to bribe Lance Corporal Fiagadzi but their case worsened because he not only refused the bribe but charged them for attempting to bribe a public officer.




In another instance, some highly placed people involved in a case of theft tried to bribe him to drop the case. Characteristically, he refused the bribe and took them on.

Beyond these, Lance Corporal Fiagadzi is noted for his professionalism and commitment to duty.

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Remember when the news broke in May this year that five Police Officers were in custody for allegedly extorting a sum amounting to GH¢ 40,000 from two separate individuals on grounds that they were cyber fraudsters in a spate of one night?

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The case was immediately assigned to an investigator. From 24th of May when the case was reported, investigations uncovered the said five officers and on the 27th, they were hauled before the Accra Circuit Court. Interestingly, they offered the investigator GH¢ 2,500 so he could shelf the case. Unfortunately for them, the investigator slapped them with another charge of attempting to give bribe to influence a Public Officer. Prosecution is still working on the case.

That aside, in September 2018, some “big” men were alleged to have stolen money to a tune of GH¢ 20,000. To avoid public humiliation as their statuses were of high repute, they offered the investigator GH¢ 3,000 to put the case to bed. The investigator rejected the offer and warned of direr consequences. These “big” men misinterpreted the warning and went on to up their game to GH¢ 4,000. They ended up with an additional charge of attempting to give bribe to influence a Public Officer [Section 252 Subsection 2, Criminal Offences Act 29/30 1960]



The investigator in the middle of all these is Police Lance Corporal Confidence Fiagadzi of Kaneshie District Police Station CID. He has been nominated alongside some heavyweights that can be associated with serving with integrity. This is coming at a time when the Ghana Police Service is winning back the hearts of its masters (citizens).

Dear Ghanaians, this is a rare Officer to come by. By voting, you are encouraging other officers to remain resolute in the face of temptations. Your votes will go a long way to further deepen the CONFIDENCE imposed in us. Thank you very much. Together we can.


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