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Military juntas have failed to deliver any good to the people of Ghana – Addai-Nimoh




A former Member of Parliament for Asante Mampong, Francis Addai-Nimoh, says for the country to preserve its democracy, there is a need for government to engage citizens in the governance process in order to prevent any possible coup d’état in the country.

According to him, this is necessary because the military juntas have failed to deliver any good to the people as they have disregarded the rule of law and rather focused on looting of state property.




In a Facebook post to commiserate constitution day, he said “Interestingly, military juntas, in my view, have mostly failed to deliver any good to the people. Military juntas largely come with extrajudicial killings, looting of state resources, oppression of the people, and disregard for the rule of law. And that’s why it’s important to preserve our democracy through citizens’ involvement in the governance process in order to kill any possibility of a coup d’état. On this day, let everyone reflect on our journey thus far, and identify what more we can do to improve our lots.”

He added that the nation has enough reason to celebrate the fourth republic which has lasted for almost three decades.




“Today is a Constitutional Day on the national calendar of our country. The purpose of the day is to celebrate the constitutional milestone of the 4th Republic. Considering that our history is replete with many disruptions of the constitutional order, we have every reason to celebrate the sustenance of the 4th Republic for almost three decades on this day.”

He however indicated that government must consider factors that led to the disruption in the country’s journey to development.
“In this vein, I subscribe to the theory that a stable democracy is the bedrock for national development. But, we need to begin to examine, after three decades of constitutional practice, what factors led to the disruptions in our journey to development. Are those factors present today? Have we consolidated our democracy hermetically to prevent another disruption? These questions are critical especially when West Africa is seeing a surge in military strongmen who are vacating the constitutions of their respective country.”



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