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Moesha Exposed as She Flaunts Disturbing Rotten Hips In Skimpy Bikini- Fans React





Moesha has proved for the umpteenth time that she really loves the person she has grown into.

She has bagged her humongous body in a skimpy bikini, flaunting all that liposuction has done for her and she could not be any prouder.




In a video posted by the actress, she is seen having a good time at the beach in her bikini.

Fans could not help but notice a side of her butt was covered in tattoos— apparently, she is trying to hide the scars from her lipo.

Moesha recently made claims that about 40 percent of ladies in Accra have gone under the knife and she is the one who influenced and inspired many of them to make that move.

What a way to make name for oneself!

Click on this link to see the real deal.

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