Moment Nigerian lawmakers exchanged blows in ‘parliament’ [Watch]


There was fracas in the Kaduna State House of Assembly on Thursday when members exchanged blows over the impeachment of the Deputy Speaker, Mukhtar Hazo.

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His impeachment followed speculations of an alleged plot involving seven members of the House who were in his favour, to impeach Speaker of Parliament, Yusuf Zailani.




He was also accused of committing other infractions that were against the rule of the House.

To that effect, his seven-member team exchanged blows with other members when they tried to remove his staff of office after his impeachment.

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In order to forestall any breakdown of law and order, all entrances leading in and out of the complex were barricaded by the security operatives.

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After the impeachment, the lawmakers elected a new Deputy Speaker.




Watch video below:

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