NAFCO CEO supports child with a hole in heart


The Chief Executive Officer of the National Food and Buffer Stock Company, Mr. Abdul-Wahab Hanan has come to the aid of a hole-in-heart child by paying for the expenses.

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On February 20, 2020, little girl Eliham who is about 4 years old was diagnosed with a hole in her heart condition and an amount of about US$9,000 was needed for her to undergo surgery before she could gain her health back.



Eliham’s parents, who couldn’t raised the said amount resorted to visiting individuals and organizations to appeal for financial support for the surgery.

It was in that process when a gentleman by name Alhassan Murtala made a Facebook post on his wall seeking support for the child.

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Mr. Abdul-Wahab, upon reading the said post contacted the said Murtala and promised to take care of the bills.

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Little Eliham has since been taken to the Korle-Bu Hospital where the surgery is expected to take place any time soon.

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Sources close reveal that, this is not the first time Mr. Abdul-Wahab has undertaken such a philanthropic act.

He is also known for his desire to see a balance and a better society and had always reached out to people in distress and needs assistance.




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