Next EC will demand DNA test as proof of citizenship – Franklin taunts EC


Founding President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of policy think tank Imani Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has laughed off the decision of the Electoral Commission of Ghana ( EC) to rely on the Ghana card and passports as proof of one’s citizenship, stating that this supposed stricter proof of citizenship will lead the next commission to conduct DNA test as proof of citizenship.

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“I think the next Electoral Commission will insist every Ghanaian must be DNA tested and Ancestry tree traced to original inhabitants of Ghana as proof of citizenship,” he joked on social media.




The EC has courted controversy by  its insistence that the current voter register contains names of foreigners because during registration, persons were not subjected to strict proof of their citizenship.

The EC’s decision has got many complaining that the new mode of proving one’s Ghanaian citizenship may lead to the disenfranchisement of many Ghanaians.

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Imani Africa has consistently kicked against the compilation of a new register, arguing that it amounts to a waste of resources since the existing register is fit for purpose.

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