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Nobody is prohibited from discussing coup d’etats – Lawyer



Victor Kwadjoga Adawudu, counsel for five of the 10 persons being tried for treason, has told the High Court that nobody was prohibited from discussing coup d’etats on social media.

He said Ghana’s political history had had six military takeovers; thus, the word coup d’etats and overthrow was not prohibited.

He was cross-examining Colonel Isaac Amponsah, the first prosecution witness after his evidence-in-chief in the ongoing trial.

Colonel Amponsah said it depended on the context in which such discussion was made.

He added that in their context, it was subversive because they discussed how to capture the President, vice president, Chief Justice, Speaker of Parliament by making explosive devices laced with sedative chemicals and gases that, when released, would make them fall asleep for easy capture.

You also go ahead to recruit soldiers to carry out the act. It’s not an ordinary social media platform to discuss National issues, he emphasised.

There were professionals including lawyers, judges, police and military officers, and ordinary people on the Take Action Ghana (TAG) WhatsApp platform, Mr Adawudu put it to Colonel Amponsah.

Mr Adawudu said the accused persons had a WhatsApp platform where they discussed varied issues, stating nothing unlawful about discussing national issues on that platform. Still, the witness said it was a facade.

The lawyer disagreed and said the mission of Take Action Ghana (TAG) platform, was to mobilise the youth in nation-building, provision of education, health, and shelter to the needy.


TAG went to Otareso in the Eastern Region, among other areas, on a medical outreach; however, Colonel Amponsah said all those activities were to gain mass support akin to the insurgency.

Counsel told the prosecution witness that demonstrations and protests were allowed in Ghana. They are fundamental human rights guaranteed in the constitution; therefore, it was not out of place for the accused persons to plan one; Colonel Amponsah said it was true.

He suggested that the security agencies were afraid that TAG was mobilising people to demonstrate against the government and feared the Arab spring situation that was why they arrested the accused persons, but the witness answered no.

“You arrested accused to suppress their fundamental human rights and freedom and also to gag the members and citizens to criticize government,” Mr Adawudu asked the witness and he said they did not have the capability to do that.




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