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NPP And NDC Have Been A Havoc To Ghana As A Country-Prophet Kofi Oduro Opines





Founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministries has said that often times he doesn’t want to hear about the two major parties in Ghana, NPP and NDC.

According to him he doesn’t want to hear about these two parties because they have been a havoc to the country as a whole.

The man of God believes strongly that Ghana finds itself in the current mess because of these two afore mentioned parties. This is because since 1992 these parties have been at the fore front of leadership in Ghana.



Despite these two parties always promising Ghanaians of taking them out of abject poverty, the currently still remains in a dilapidated state. This is obviously why the man of God have blamed Ghana’s mess on these two parties.

He strongly believes that Africa can only move forward if it gets a leader who is younger, vibrant, and someone with new ideas because most of the problems one African countries runs through all African countries.



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