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Obofour Drinks Blood At 12am And [email protected] Human Flesh at 1am-Nana Agradaa Drops More Dirty Secrets





Just as reverend Obofour stated indeed the battle line has been drawn as Instagram Fetish Priestess Nana Agradaa came fully prepared with insults and secrets.

The Fetish Priestess since her beef with Obfour began this week has been jabbing the man of God and dropping dark secrets about him that are quiet startling.

According to the Fetish Priestess Obofour drinks blood at 12am each night and just after one hour he takes in human flesh. Well this is an accusation which has been levelled against the clergyman by Nana Agradaa and has no evidence backing it.





He also revealed that the man of God has been sleeping with women in his Church despite having a wife. She promised the man of God that she will eventually make sure someone sleeps with his wife because she has come to realize he is a fool.

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