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OneGhana Movement fights for justice for June 3 victims



Civil Society Organisation, OneGhana Movement, says efforts in seeking justice for the June 3 victims are still on course.

The movement in a statement said “the victims and the OneGhana Movement have through their lawyers, (Darko, Keli-Delataa & Co.) and (A-Partners @ Law), commenced a class action against GOIL, the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), and the Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA) for their complicity in the disaster.


“Though the J4J3 case has been in court since 2018, we are staying the course and working to ensure that systems are put in place to guarantee that officials uphold their responsibility to the people of Ghana; and work assiduously to execute their roles to the best of their abilities.”

The statement comes as the nation commemorates the 6th anniversary of the June 3 disaster.

Torrential rainfall, which affected most parts of the country, turned into a devastating fire and flood catastrophe resulting in the death of 154 people. Hundreds suffered severe burns in the unfortunate incident which occurred on June 3, 2015.


Below is the full statement:



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