Only failed leadership needs new voters’ register to maintain power – Ablakwa


Member of Parliament(MP) for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa is of the view Ghana is wasting over GHS400 million on new voters register at a time when the national economy and livelihoods are in untold distress speaks volumes about the quality of leadership on display.

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According to him, the government goes out to borrow monies below GHS 400 million and therefore it does not add up why government will throw away such an amount in the name of compiling a new voters’ register.






He noted that the best punishment for this kind of recklessness is voting such insensitive government out of power come December 7.

The Lawmaker said when leaders perform to the satisfaction of the people, the people maintain them and does not need a new voters register.

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“When leaders deliver to the people’s satisfaction, the people ensure they stay in office. It is not registers or nuclear weapons that keep politicians in office.”

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He added that “Every good politician’s prayer must always be that the Lord would help us be that political leader who invests in the people and not be the politician who invests in fruitless rigging or voter suppression schemes as throughout history, no machination – no matter how elaborate or force – no matter how brutal has been able to subdue the true will of the people. I don’t fear an old or a new register, I fear the anger of the people. The people always triumph!”



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