Otiko Djaba’s brother contracts coronavirus


Daniel Peter Djaba, brother of former Gender Minister and Social Protection, Otiko Afisah Djaba, has reportedly contracted coronavirus and risks dying due to the alleged poor manner in which UK doctors are handling his case.

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His sister, Georgette Djaba, has therefore instructed their lawyers from a British law firm, Simon Noble Solicitors, to inform UK authorities that the family may take legal action if their brother should die from poor treatment.

Royal Free Hospital is where he is believed to be in treatment.

A letter issued by the lawyers on April 1, 2020, which DGN Online has sighted says Mr Daniel Djaba is 53 years old and has no underlying health issues.

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It says the family has received contradictory information from the doctors since March 25, 2020.

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“We understand that there are clinical trials for treatment, but Mr Djaba was not included in the clinical trials and our client was subsequently there are no trials,” the lawyers said.

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“We are further instructed that yesterday (31st March, 2020), our client was informed by Dr Mark Wordsworth at 15:45 that they were going to walk 2 to 3 days to commence taking Mr Djaba off the ventilator.”





Georgette Djaba and her son, DGN Online is informed by family sources, have not been tested even though Mr Djaba was with them for five days into the critical state.

Mr Daniel Djaba “attended some party within the periods and possibly 100s of people could be infested but UK authorities are playing slow,” the source said.

“They needed to call private ambulance because the government ambulance service was not coming after 6hrs,” according to the source.






The lawyers said they have been instructed to commence proceedings in the event of medical negligence.

“We will be grateful if you could confirm that to us that you are giving him immune boosters and multivitamins. Please confirm whether he is deteriorating or improving and why do you keep moving him.

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“Lastly, we are instructed to commence legal proceedings in the event of medical negligence. We appreciate the fact that you are overwhelmed with other patients.





However, Mr Djaba has the right to life and the right to fair treatment. He is of black African origin and entitled to treatment that has already worked in Ghana, France, USA and Germany. Please send us the results of any blood tests and allergy tests as a matter of urgency and we hope that you have not taken him off the ventilator too early because they require it for someone else”, the lawyers warned.



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