Pastor Ashimolowo Blasts Pastor Chris For Misleading Christians


The head pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre, Mathew Ashimolowo has perforated claims made by another renowned Nigerian preacher, Chris Oyakhilome that there’s a direct link between 5G and coronavirus.

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Within these past few days, conspiracy theorists have concocted that the global coronavirus pandemic is a result of 5G which is used in mobile phone networks and relies on signals carried by radio waves – is somehow responsible for coronavirus.




Pastor Chris recently dedicated an entire church service to tell his congregants that 5G is the new anti-christ which is responsible for the virus.





This has been widely condemmed by Pastor Ashimilowo. Sharing his opinion, he opined that this is a mere pandemic that has nothing to with 5G.

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He said:

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“This is it, this is a pandemic, Jesus spoke about this in Matthew 24 vs, this is a disease, it doesn’t make any sense, carry the dttol in your bathroom and you will find dettol on it.

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“There has been Coronavirus before Now, it’s just that this Particular strain is mutated to become what we have no cure for and that is what we are looking for cure for.

“America will not destroy it’s economy to the point on almost 20 trillion in order to put a chip in your Body.

“Britain will not destroy it’s economy to the point on almost 2,3 trillion in order to put a chip in your Body.






“Am ashamed and embarrassed by the pastors using old dead videos to mislead the Body of Christ, it has to stop, God will expose the Anti Christ when the time comes. Let’s not put people in Fear, this thing is a disease killing people, use t to evangelize the word of God, instead of carrying a foolish theory.







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