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Pastor Tells Church Member That Her Son Will Be Killed Within The Week, Informs Her To ‘Get Out’ After Begging Him To Prevent The Prophecy (VIDEO)




A video that is rapidly making waves online has a pastor telling a church member to get out of his church after prophesying that the woman’s son would be dead within the week.

The woman’s son is said to be an armed robber and the pastor informed the female member that his son will be slain because of his activities.

In the video, the pastor quizzed whether any of the woman’s children has a gun during the prophecy in the church and the woman responded affirmatively.


The pastor, however, asked if the woman’s son is a security operative or not and she responded that she’s not then the clergyman added the prophecy that the son is an armed robber and will die within the week.

According to the pastor, the mother is aware that the son robs people and also keeps her earnings in her bank account for him.

The woman on the other hand begged the pastor to avoid the prophesy and pray for her son to put down her pistol and stop robbing people but the pastor told her that God has decided to make him drop the weapon by killing him.



Watch the video below…







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