Patapaa is good in bed – Queen Peezy


Ex-Girlfriend of the famous Patapeezy, Queen Peezy says she was madly in love with Patapaa because he was good at s*x.

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According to her, Patapaa could give her different s*x styles she had always craved for and that kept her closer to him than ever.

Queen Peezy who was on Angel TV said Patapaa could last for two to three hours and had medium but long manhood that kept her so much so that she could not stay from him.




” I won’t lie to you, but Patapaa can last for two to three hours in bed. When I go to his place, I put my phone off for the bouts. Patapaa dishes out different styles to me and that made me feel like a real woman.”

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Queen Peezy said she was shocked Patapaa denied knowledge of her in public when they have had several bouts of sex and have had fun in the past.

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She used the opportunity to apologize to Patapaa to forgive her if she has done anything wrong to him but was quick to add that she has moved.

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