Physically challenged lady who was hit by a car shares touching story






Sylvia Nyame has shared her tearjerking story with SVTV Africa on how she lost her left leg due to an accident.

At the young age of eleven, Sylvia and her mom went round Kwesi Mintim, a town in Takoradi selling ”Oblayo.” A customer wanting to buy some led to the unfortunate incident.






She was slammed by a car, pushing her to a wall causing the wall to break down on her left leg. Her leg had to be amputated. She was primary six at the time.

Ten years later, Sylvia is a 21-year-old walking with crutches. Though she couldn’t complete SHS, she enrolled in a remedial school and wrote NOV-DEC this year. After completing JHS, Sylvia occupied herself with makeup tutorials, learning to make it a business.








Sylvia would appreciate her makeup setup or be employed.








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