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Press Release: CLOGSAG members should advice themselves if they really want to enjoy the fruit of their labour




Press Release.26th August 2021.




Coalition Against the leadership of TUC and Organized Labour is highly disappointed in the Leadership of Civil and Local Government Staff Association Ghana (CLOSSAG) for their insensitive character exhibited against their members in these hard times.
Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG Mr. Bampoe Addo and Dr. Anthony Yaw Baah were signatories to the 4% and 7% salary increment in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Upon Workers outcry, calling on these two labour unions Leadership to go for renegotiation and get a reasonable percentage that can give workers some relief for this year and next year, the CLOGSAG Leadership for a reason best known to them decided to punish their members for the two years. CLOGSAG is aware that with or without the 4% their monthly dues from the suffering Ghanaian workers will still flow so they will not be affected.



CLOGSAG Executive Secretary and his Leadership are instructing all their Regional Secretaries to Organize sensitization programs on 2021 and 2022 base pay adjustment to convince members to accept the 4% and 7% for 2021 and 2022.

We are encouraging all members of CLOGSAG to resist this attempt by their Leadership.
CLOGSAG Executive Secretary Bampoe Addo did not consult members before going to negotiate for the 4% and 7% and should dare not step foot to any MMDAs and other Civil Service offices to convince people to accept this inhumane treatment meted out to them in the name of salary increment.

Reference to a letter dated 23rd August 2021 to all CLOGSAG Regional Secretaries with a heading “Sensitization on 2021 and 2022 base pay adjustment”.



This letter was signed by Kojo W. Krakani Deputy Executive Secretary CLOSSAG for his boss Bampoe Addo Executive Secretary CLOSSAG.

As the Executives Committee of this noble coalition we would say, CLOGSAG Leadership are the most wicked people we have ever seen in the history of Labour Unionism in Ghana. We are therefore urging all like minded workers across the country to resist this disrespectful attitude from the very people we pay them with our own money . These insensitive characters should be resisted, all Regional Secretaries should ask Bampoe Addo himself to come down and explain things to members or else your safety as Regional Secretaries can not be guaranteed if you dare honor these useless directives.

Do you know that CLOGSAG members for instance, if you contribute monthly dues of ghc50.00 every month and you work for 30 years and you are going on retirement the association gives you ghc400.00 as send off?



I mean four hundred Ghana cedis (Ghc400.00) 30 years in the Service.

Do you also know if you are a CLOGSAG member and you contribute dues for 30 years and you die, nobody comes to your funeral to donate a penny to your children or family for your dedicated Service to the union you spend all your working years with?

There are no direct benefits from these unions to their members except going to negotiate for better conditions of service from the government, so if they fail this their core mandate they have no business leading workers and taking monthly dues.

Are these unions our enemies or unions that really fight for our welfare?

These are unions who will not fight for you to get a better salary increment before retirement and these same people will make sure the little that comes to you they deduct their dues and dump you to go home and die.

If you are a worker in the Local government Service or any of the Civil Service and you still allow CLOGSAG and these Unions to deduct your salary then you are your own enemy.

CLOGSAG, TUC and Organized Labour have shown signs clearly that they hate Ghanaian workers and are not fighting for workers’ interest but only interested in your monthly dues.
Please let’s advise ourselves before it’s too late.

It is very unfortunate for our brothers and sisters who are due for retirement, it seems too late for them to correct these wrongs but you and I who still have some few years to work before going on retirement should kindly advise ourselves.

If they fail to listen to us and go for renegotiation we will advise ourselves Accordingly, if forming new unions that will purely represent workers interest will be the only option left, this coalition will not hesitate to do so.
Public sector workers are struggling to survive with the 4% and 7% salary increment against the high cost of living as a result of the increase in the prices of goods and services. Facts check, before December 2020, a bag of Cement was Ghc 32.00 but with the introduction of new taxes and the rise of fuel prices and so on, a bag of Cement in this Month August 2021 is Ghc50.00, representing 34% increment. A tonne of Reinforcement bars (Iron Rods) as at January 2021 was Ghc3,500.00 but today it is Ghc6,000.00 representing 58.3% increment. What this means is that a public sector worker can not pay rent with the 4% if his/her landlord increases rent. If a public sector worker is putting up a two bedroom apartment he/she can not continue the project. Transport fares are increased by 13% as against the worker 4%. What it means is that a worker can not take transport to work throughout the month.
A worker goes to the market and the prices of foodstuffs keep increasing. However the market women are able to adjust their prices to make profit but where is the public sector worker going to get adjustment of salary or additional money to support themselves ? So sad.
This therefore suggests that the cries of Public Sector Workers are very genuine and legitimate.

CLOGSAG National Executives ignoring such legitimate concerns of their members and trying to come to various offices to convince workers and impose this 4% virus on us means they do not represent our interest and must be resisted. Their reasons for accepting the 4% and 7% do not make sense and will never make sense to any worker in this country no matter what they explain themselves.

CLOGSAG National Executives must Listen to our cry and our concerns or you have no business deducting our monthly dues.

Still No Retreat No surrender.

Azubila Emmanuel Abdul-Salam
(Executive secretary Coalition against the leadership of TUC and Organized Labour)

Contact: 0544418072 / 0545270290

Anthony Morkeh Public Relations Officer (P R O)
Contact: 0244255463

Ibrahim A. Mumuni
Director of operations.
Contact: 0243486397


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