Rare photos of John Dramani Mahama’s parents


Ex-president John Dramani Mahama, giving credence to the saying ‘never forget your parents, they are the reason you are who you are’, has eulogised his deceased guardians.

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Making an impact as the world marks ‘Global Day of Parents’, Mr Mahama shared posts of his memory of his late mother and father on his social media handles.





Posting first his mother, he recounted how she birthed, nurtured him with kindness and moulded him to be the great man he is today.





John Dramani Mahama's late mother





“In celebration of the Global Day of Parents, I want to honour the memory of the woman who made me who I am. You gave birth to me & nurtured me. I draw my patience, tolerance, kindness and humility from this great woman. May your kind soul continue to Rest In Peace,” he captioned.

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Not forgetting his late father, whose footsteps he followed in his journey into politics, he showcased a rare photo of his father.

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John Dramani Mahama's late father




“It’s a Global Day of Parents. I honour the memory of the man who has made me who I am. I draw my education, communication skills, human relations and political instincts from this great man. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace,” he said.







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