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Sad! Adom TV journalist prevents Onua TV journalist from ‘helping’ ailing Medikal fan at Korle Bu







Host of Anigye Mmre entertainment talk show on Onua TV Christian Agyei Frimpong has expressed disappointment in an Adom TV/FM journalist for preventing his production crew from interviewing Frank Arhin, who was injured during Medikal’s Sowutuom concert last year.








According to Christian Agyei Frimpong, who narrated the incident on his Thursday entertainment show on Onua TV, his production team led by Emmanuel Agyemang left early Thursday morning after they were informed by the victim’s brother, Eric, that the victim will start treatment that Thursday at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital’s Surgical Block.

“As part of our corporate social responsibility, I asked the team to get footages, interviews at the hospital for us to also start a campaign to solicit funds for Frank Arhin.

“The production team came back and said, some journalists from Adom TV/FM were also there and they prevented them from interviewing the victim.

“The reason they gave was that they appealed for funds for the victim to start treatment, so they won’t allow our team and if we want to interview him, then it should be another time.”







According to Christian Agyei Frimpong, he had already spoken to Frank Arhin and his brother on air and even gave them the opportunity to put their number on air for people to also support them financially.

So, he was surprised at the turn of events that Thursday morning.

Frank Arhin, who is still in a critical condition, got injured when large speakers fell on him and some others while Shatta Wale was performing at Medikal’s concert dubbed ‘Welcome to Sowutuom’.









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