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Sad end of Twene Jonas as he’s finally exposed for his fake life



Ghanaian social media star and political activist Twene Jonas has been caught unaware saying his aggressive activism is just for likes and views on social media. 


Twene Jonas who has gained notoriety for using vituperation to campaign for the liberation of Ghana in all facets, has been exposed by another Ghanaian living in the US where he admitted that everything he does online is a facade, a video of which has started circulating on social media.

The video then was shared by failed musician Archipalago who has been saying all this while that Jonas is living a fake life and has no car or any of the properties he flaunts online.

Palago quickly uploaded the video to reinforce his opinion about him with a caption that sums up his vindicative mood.


He wrote: “Told y’all this guy is insulting the leaders for his personal gains ( Views & Likes) and He doesn’t want a better #Ghana as you people think.. in his own words hope y’all heard him saying that he’s just doing it for #Views..


you people should wise up, reason and stop thinking that I envy or jealous this braggart! Hope the shallow thinkers who are supporting will now know that he lacks knowledge!!!



He sits in NY and insult you guys that you’re all living in #Afuom, but y’all don’t see how dumb that is, to support his madness…it’s either he’s mentally unstable or a bipolar, says Prophet Archipalago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”



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