Sammy’s Punchline To Nana Ama ‘The Past Is Not The Present’ Appears In UCC Exams


The viral audio of Sammy, the guy who allowed himself to be broken-hearted by a lady called Nana Ama has moved to the next level as the University Of Cape Coast features his punchline “The Past Is Not The Present” in their end of second-semester examination.

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Since Monday KNUST students Nana Ama and Sammy have been trending after a video of Sammy crying and begging Nana Ama for a comeback popped up.







Long story short, Nana Ama broke up with Sammy because he apparently went got a “head” from another girl and told his boys who snitched on him.

According to social media reports, Sammy, after he was ditched by the beautiful Ama, does not sleep, eat, does not bath. The only thing the first year 21 years old student does is to cry and send voice notes to Ama crying.



In one of the voice notes, Sammy made a statement saying; “…Nana Ama I’ve learnt that ‘the past is not the present’ so lets go Nana Ama don’t give up on me just like this… Nana Ama I made a mistake and sorry just forgive don’t break up with me”

Listen to the voice note;

Well, Sammy’s statement ‘the past is not the present’ has been featured in the examination questions of the University Of Cape Coast end of Second-Semester paper.

It has been sighted a photo of an end of semester examination paper of “UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST, COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES AND LEGAL STUDIES – DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATIVE SKILLS” which vividly shows the ridicule statement “The Past Is Not The Present” made by Sammy.

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The section of the question reads; “he walked nearly around campus the whole night contemplating on the saying, the past is not the present”

See the photo below…

Sammy’s Punchline To Nana Ama ‘The Past Is Not The Present’ Appears In UCC Exams 1



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