Several Churches say they’ll remain closed despite Akufo-Addo’s green light

despite Akufo-Addo’s
despite Akufo-Addo’s

There is an increase in the number of Churches that have decided to remain closed although the President of Ghana has eased the various restriction which was put in place to fight the deadly COVID-19.

President Akufo-Addo in his tenth update to the people of Ghana on the various measures to fight the deadly COVID-19 said Ghana is currently implementing a phased approach of easing the various restrictions in the country.

The President further announced that religious activities can start on June 5. He said services should be run just for 1 hour with 100 people in attendance. Churches and Mosques that are expected to operate will have to fumigate their facilities and also take records of the people who attend various services.



But some Churches have indicated that they don’t intend to open their Churches because they cannot assure their congregants of their safety.

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Leaders of these Churches have argued that the various guidelines provided by the government to allow for services to go on because they are cost-intensive and will take time before provisions in the various guidelines can be adhered to.

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