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‘She is not behaving like a human being’ – Teacher comments on student’s report card causes confusion online





A teacher’s remark on a student’s report card saying she does not behave like a human being has caused divergent views online.






While a lot of netizens have bashed the teacher for being insensitive, others are of the view that he’s merely bringing out the truth about that particular so she can be assessed well and helped.

A Twitter user identified as @TheIgboWolf was the first person to share the story on Twitter which captured the moment the teacher wrote in the report card thus, “She is not behaving like a human being.”




One tweep reacted;

“For a student with such performance, 2 A’s, 2C’s, 2P’s, and 1F and the teacher deemed it fit to say she doesn’t behave like a human being? That teacher is a disgrace to the teaching profession. Even with the teacher’s comment, it shows the girl is brighter than her teacher. Period,” a Twitter user wrote.

See other reactions;

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