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SHOCKING NEWS ; Zion Felix Won’t Marry Any Of The Pregnant Ladies




Entertainment pundit, Whitney Boakye-Mensah, condemned Mina Lawani and Erica Kyem for putting themselves and their babies through a social media circus. According to her, Zion Felix is just a silly man, and they don’t deserve to be put through such public ridicule and shame.

Whitney, who appeared as a panellist on United Showbiz, had strong words for Zion Felix’s baby mama’s. She said, “For me, he is being a silly boy, and that should stay there. My issue is the two women… However much they both think they are in love with the same man, no one is winning this battle. Zion himself isn’t winning. They are making a mockery of themselves, and they forget that children are involved.”



She further pointed out that the women should focus on weaning their babies rather than engage in a social media war to prove who has the heart of Zion Felix.

“Two new mothers who should stay off social media to take care of their babies are trying to outdo each other to show who the man loves more. What kind of childish games is that? It is a shame that two gainfully employed women, who should know the power they both have over themselves, are trying to win a man’s struggle on social media.

“A man who loves you would not put you through this ridicule,” she concluded.




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