SHOCKING; Pastor, congregation curse thieves who stole instruments from his church [Video]


Church service at Christian Divine Church in Berekum in the Bono Region was disrupted following the congregation’s recovery that its instruments and curtains had been stolen by thieves.

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Outraged by the development, the members, instead of praying for God to touch the hearts of the yet-to-be-identified thieves to return the goods to the sanctuary, the pastor led his church members to rather call on God’s wrath upon the them.

Items stolen include microphones, generator and curtains they use to decorate the wooden structure.

A livid pastor, Robert Osei, in an interview with Adom News said the theft had affected church service.

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Pastor Osei and his members praying



He explained that their decision to summon the thieves before God is because it was about the third time such an incident has happened.

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“It is becoming a norm for thieves to steal from the church almost every year and we think the only way to stop these is to summon them before God so that he deals ruthlessly with them,” the Christian Divine Church head pastor fumed.

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Pastor Osei has given the thieves a week to return the stolen items or face the wrath of God.

The man of God also warned the public against buying the stolen items because anyone who did so would face the same punishment as the thiefs.









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