“Shopping is hard when you’re ripped “- Female Bodybuilder Brittany Watts cries out [Watch]





Brittany Watts is an IFBB women’s physique bodybuilder, whose dedication to her body has its downfalls when it comes to finding clothes that fit.






Brittany is one week out from the biggest competition of the year – Ms Olympia 2020, and after finishing 13th in 2019, she is determined to do better.





She finally has her hands on her competition bikini, and it’s an opportunity to do her posing routine in full attire for the first time.

The constant changing over her body shape makes it difficult to fit into clothes, especially outside of her gym gear.






Over the years Brittany’s rippling muscles have caused havoc with the clothes she’d like to wear, at times even ripping materials.






After all the hard work on stage, Brittany is looking forward to the evening of the competition and the chance to glam herself up.






She has roped in friend Rosie to go shopping, and the pair hit a local boutique in the hunt for a dress Brittany can wear to show off her body in a different way.





Watch the video below courtesy Truly:









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