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SHS students caught pants down doing the unthinkable in a swimming pool [video]





Shocking moment SHS students are caught doing the unthinkable just metres from other bathers in public swimming pool

Filmed by a stunned sunbather, the passionate duo were pictured doing their own thing while other bathers float around them in broad daylight.




Instead of waiting to get home to exchange fluids in peace or book a room, these Kerewa starved lovers turned a swimming pool into a lodging.

Just like goats or cows on heat, the youthful lovers engaged in hot marathon s_x inside the pool after thirst became too much to overcome without minding if there were people around.

A snoopy person who witnessed the two lovers turning the swimming pool into a lodging recorded the video and circulated it online.



It is unclear where the astonishing footage was filmed although it was originally uploaded to social media this month.

Watch the video below :


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